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Brazil Cerrado Brazil Daterra Colombia Supremo
Brazil Cerrado
Our Price: $11.95
Brazil Daterra
Our Price: $12.95
Colombia Supremo
Our Price: $12.95
Mild and sweet with a hint of baker's chocolate in the aftertaste. Medium body with rich and creamy chocolate cinnamon notes. Well balanced with a mild sweetness and pleasant aftertaste.
Guatemala Papua New Guinea Colombia French
Our Price: $12.95
Papua New Guinea
Our Price: $12.95
Colombia French
Our Price: $13.95
Notes of dark chocolate and light, sweet molasses. Medium to heavy body with a mild and sweet aftertaste. Medium to heavy body with a dark and sweet finish.
Costa Rica Ethiopian Harrar Monsooned Malabar
Costa Rica
Our Price: $13.95
Ethiopian Harrar
Our Price: $14.95
Monsooned Malabar
Our Price: $14.95
Sweet chocolate and citrus notes with a long clean finish. Intense lemon and blackberry with a complex aftertaste. Heavy body with nutty light chocolate notes and great aroma.
Malawi Peaberry Costa Rica French Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Malawi Peaberry
Our Price: $14.95
Costa Rica French
Our Price: $14.95
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Our Price: $15.95
Rich, medium body and smooth with dark berry tones. Dark chocolate with a long sweet finish. Lightly sweet with hints of chocolate, dried fruit and citrus.
Sumatra Mandheling Kona Fancy Hawaiian
Sumatra Mandheling
Our Price: $15.95
Kona Fancy Hawaiian
Our Price: $43.95
Heavy body with hints of vanilla and baker's chocolate and a light spice finish. Balanced and sweet with a soft, citrus aftertaste.